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Robert Becker provides 3d architectural renderings and Virtual Reality presentations. I am a conceptual architectural artist who works in watercolor and has a primary digital partner Digital Frontier for digital renderings + animations.  Taking the image out of your head and getting it presentable is what I do. Working from less than a cocktail napkin sketch through detailed construction documents, I will bring your concept to life for your client or the public to approve. Telling a story through atmosphere is the goal of my images.

As of September 2017, I have also taken over operations of Pechara Studios and have established a great relationship with many Pechara clients.  In addition to this, I created and run Presenting Architecture the most comprehensive Directory and community of architectural presentation artists worldwide including communications experts, scale model makers, photographers and visualization artists.  If I can not do it, I know who can. Contact me for advice on sourcing talent for your next project, I am the only call you need to make!

Available to work onsite directly with the design / development project team.


Conceptual design visualization and rendering utilizing watercolor. Sourcing architectural presentation specialists.

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